Putting it all together.

Tom Campbell, Director of Cinematography


A pioneer of underwater high definition cinematography, Tom brings over 50 years of diving and imaging experience to Ocean GEMS. Tom began diving in the cold water lakes of British Columbia long before serving as a Navy Diver. He enjoyed a career as a California Highway Patrol officer where he worked with President Reagan’s security team and created successful educational projects including the “Sober Graduation Program.”  Throughout his career, Tom took every opportunity to be photographing and filming underwater, developing a successful profession with his underwater images. His award-winning career filming for BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and History Channels culminated in a 10-year assignment for a private client with whom he helped create a foundation to protect the oceans. 

Today, Tom chooses to film and produce high quality programs that have strong educational content, filming with the EPIC 5K digital cinema camera system. When not diving somewhere around the world, Tom enjoys life in the high desert of Prescott, AZ, and the Far North of New Zealand.

Beth Davidow, Producer

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

With degrees in natural sciences, Beth has long pursued careers in the outdoors: a former National Park Service ranger, expedition naturalist and tour guide, Beth spent 20 years as a professional wildlife photographer and writer. She joined forces with Tom Campbell’s HD Productions, managing the stock footage libraries, coordinating travel and film shoots, and helping to create programming. A member of the Society of Women Geographers and the American Association of University Women, Beth manages the Ocean GEMS office, but likes nothing better than being out and about exploring the world from above or under the waves. Beth is the co-creator of Ocean GEMS along with her partner Tom Campbell. She is based in Prescott, AZ and the Far North of New Zealand…and can’t wait to get on a plane for another adventure!

Daniell "Danni" Washington, Presenter

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

A Miami native with Jamaican roots, Danni Washington is a passionate ocean advocate and science communicator. She is the co-Founder and CEO of The Big Blue & You – A 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and educating youth about marine conservation through the arts and media. Danni graduated from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science with a B.Sc. in Marine Science/Biology. She also served four years as a naturalist at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center where she helped educate thousands of South Florida children about the local marine ecosystems. Danni is an experienced on-camera personality with Untamed Science and most recently, Ocean GEMS. She has a deep appreciation for the arts and seeks out any creative outlet including dance, film and music. An avid scuba diver, stand-up paddle boarding enthusiast, yogi and overall lover of the outdoors, Danni is ALWAYS ready for an adventure.

Carrie J Scott, Webmaster


With a degree in business and a self-taught skill set in website development, Carrie brings to the table an expertise in visual communication, writing and editing, brand development and marketing, and internet best practices. With over 20 years  experience, she has worked for WNET/PBS, iVillage and Deloitte, among others, managing interactive media in New York City.

Carrie’s passion to help kids gain direction at a pivotal time in life is what makes her passionate about Ocean GEMS, “If I had been involved in a program like this when I was a teenager, if i had had a mentor, it would have changed the direction of my life.” Today Carrie is at peace with her path, and Chooses to collaborate on high quality, socially responsible projects.